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01 01 2020 - Sticky Post - Do I need one? No, but I want one!
Welcome to anyone who happens to pass by!

If you want to know more about me, read my memes.

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06 01 2017 - Fanfic-Meme 2016
I did write things in 2016, so here is the

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01 01 2017 - iphone Oracle 2017
I wasn't at home on New Year's Eve, but when I was in bed around 3:25 am, I put on my earphones and let my iphone decide what songs to give me first in 2017:

#1 "Men's Needs" - Kate Nash
A man's needs, man's needs are lost on me

#2 "Gold Against The Soul" - Manic Street Preachers
Gold erodes, erodes the soul

#3 "Poisoned by T.V." - 2 A.M.
You cannot set me free because I'm already poisoned by T.V.

#4 "I can't wait" - The White Stripes
Who do you think you're messing with, girl?

#5 "Kodawari" - Manic Street Preachers

#6 "Lines of Light" - The Subways
The seasons know but they won't show, they won't let it go...

#7 "Blistered Mirrors" - Manic Street Preachers
And capitalism neither rules or defines
It's virtual anarchy that is the real crime

#8 "Einmal noch schlafen" - Anajo
Einmal noch schlafen und dann geht es los!

#9 "Monika Tanzband" - Anajo
Monika, Monika, Monika, MONIKA!!

#10 "Never Close Our Eyes" - Adam Lambert
It's only getting better if we want it to.

#11 "Marlon J.D." - Manic Street Preachers
Learn to live without clutter, to live without luxury
Sometimes I envy them

#12 "The Bureau" - Gerard Way
Everybody keep it calm tonight
Everyone we’re going live tonight
Everybody’s getting on tonight
Everybody’s getting on
And so am I

P.S. I just clicked back to last year's oracle. And, oh dear, it was quite right!
11 01 2016 - David Bowie
 photo blackstar_RIP_zpsaz8ovfsd.png
06 01 2016 - Fanfic-Meme 2015
I did write things in 2015, so read about that here:

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01 01 2016 - ipod-oracle 2016
I just noticed that apparently I didn't post my ipod-oracle last year, but this year I remember and therefore this is a backdated entry.
At around 2:45 am I put my ipod on "random-track" and wrote down the first songs that played in the new year 2016.

So here are the first songs my ipod gave me in 2016: )
31 12 2014 - Fanfic-Meme 2014
Backdated, because I found the file on my computer but probably never posted it.

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14 02 2014 - 30 Days of posting - Last Day

I nearly forgot that I had some days of this meme left. /o\
Because I don't have to say much about some of those topics, I'll do all of them at once.
And also because nothing says "procrastination" better than to do a neglected meme
before a day with an exam. *lalala*

Post your favorite recipe
I don't cook using recipes. I rarely bake. So. No favourite recipe.

What are you looking forward to?
I'm really looking forward to sunday. Because then the third day of this work-related seminar is over
and I hope I've passed that stupid exam which will give me only more responsibility that I don't really
want. Unfortunately I have no idea what kind of questions will be asked, I only know that we're allowed
to use the script that they gave us.

I'm not writing anything about my planned trip to London and around mid Germany in April and May
because I don't want to hex it. But, yay, holiday is granted and tickets are booked.

Where have you travelled?
London. London and London. Yes, really, most of my trips have been to London.
But I've also been to the USA once, to Turkey, Italy, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Paris -
and I probably forgot some- Hungary, Prague.
Oh, I forgot, I did a map once.

What's in your makeup bag?
I don't have a make-up bag. My eyeliner and concealer are just lying around in my bathroom.

Why do you blog?
Peer pressure.
No, just for fun.

Sorry that I don't have better and more elaborate answers.

That reminds me of this joke:

Boy: "Dad, why is the sky blue?"
Dad: "I don't know."
Girl: "Dad, why do dogs bark?"
Dad: "I don't know."
Boy: "Dad, why do I have a belly button?"
Dad: "I don't know."
Girl: "Dad, how do we get snow?"
Dad: "I don't know."
Mum: "Kids, don't pester your dad with all those questions!"
Dad: "Let them ask, so they'll learn things."

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08 02 2014 - Quality Street
When I was in London last month I bought a pack of Quality Street Sweets from the duty-free shop at the airport.
I can't remember when was the last time I had them, but I was definitely decade(s) ago.

Well. First - good that the nut in caramel one isn't my favourite:

Quality Street photo 22722352-4e6c-4c8b-80ce-8ac2bb5b9e20_zps6fa4512c.jpg

Also, now I remember that the toffee ones always were my favourites. I really could do without the Orange Crunch or the Strawberry Creme.

And I don't remember there being a boring plain Milk Chocolate Chunk in those selections I had as a child.

Sigh. Another childhood memory slightly dented.

And because I'm an adult now I have to eat even those I don't like. Oh, wait, there's the guys at the office....
*packs bag for monday*
04 02 2014 - My Artist Statement

My Artist Statement

My work explores the relationship between Jungian archetypes and romance tourism.

With influences as diverse as Kafka and Frida Kahlo, new tensions are crafted from both explicit and implicit meanings.

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the traditional understanding of meaning. What starts out as yearning soon becomes corrupted into a tragedy of defeat, leaving only a sense of failing and the prospect of a new understanding.

As intermittent phenomena become transformed through emergent and diverse practice, the viewer is left with a clue to the outposts of our culture.

(Composed with the help of

11 01 2014 - 30 Days of posting - Day 27

Well, those subjects are not really about what I am. But here we go:

Post your favorite recipe

I don't really cook. I put cut vegetables in a pan and season with soja sauce.
I make pasta with pesto *coughsketchupcoughs*.
I defrost things my dad cooked.

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07 01 2014 - 30 Days of posting - Day 26

An old photo of you

I'm not locking these entries and I don't want to put pictures of myself online, here's not a photo "of me", but "by me". I took it with my first ever digital camera in 2002.

 photo IM000317_zpsc2f76234.jpg

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02 01 2014 - 30 Days of posting - Day 25

Your 5 favorite blogs

I have several folders of bookmarks which I read regulary. Most of them are just for wasting time. Below I link five websites which may qualify as blog and which I enjoy reading or looking at. I do look at IJ, LJ and DW blogs but they're more personal ones and not something I'd rec.

1) - the url contains the word blog, so I'm not wrong.
It's a German, nerdy and usually funny comic-blog. No idea when I discovered it. But it keeps amusing me.

2) - wonderful pictures of animals. I just need it.

3) - I came for the funny and true chapter-for-chapter review of "50 Shades of Grey" and stayed for the funny and quirky entries about lots of other stuff.

4) - it's not a blog I guess, but it's for wasting time. Lots of it is of questionable content, and don't make the mistake to look at comments, but some of it is definitely funny.

5) - also isn't really a blog, but very funny and very nerdy and very true.

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01 01 2014 - ipod-oracle 2014
Three times is a tradition. So, here to the start of the tradtion of putting my ipod on "random-track" and writing down the first songs that play in the new year.

So here are the first songs my ipod gave me in 2014: )
31 12 2013 - 30 Days of posting - Day 24
I thought I'd finish this meme this year but I don't seem to. Well, at least it gives me something to post about in January.

But at least one more day of posting, today about:

Your favorite childhood book

This is really difficult because I was reading so much. And even before I could read myself, my grandmas used to read lots and lots of books to me.
I went to the library every sunday after mass and owned many more books myself.

Some that stayed in my memory:
- "Pippi Langstrumpf" (Pippi Longstocking) by Astrid Lindgren
- "Bummi" by Martha Schlinkert, a series of books about a girl growing up - I don't remember anything else about those books though.
- "Fünf Freunde" (Famous Five) by Enid Blyton
I also loved Blyton's boarding-school-series, "Hanni und Nanni" (St. Clare’s) and books about horses ("Black Beauty") and also classics like "Heidi", etc.

When I was a teenager I discovered Michael Ende's "Momo" and the "Neverending Story" and Karl May, but this entry isn't about my favourite books as a teenager.

What I remember is that I read and reread those books again and again and didn't get tired of them. Nowadays I don't reread books because there are so many I own that I haven't even read once yet.

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28 12 2013 - 30 Days of posting - Day 23

Your dream job

I do like my job, but I'd like it to be less stressful and maybe less hours.

Of course my absolute dream job would be travelling with my favourite band and seeing all of their concerts and visiting lots of foreign countries. It should include not having to carry heavy things and earning lots of money as well to spend during the times when there is no tour.

I can dream, can't I?

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26 12 2013 - 30 Days of posting - Day 22

The best thing to happen this year

My year was a really mixed one. It had ups and downs and I'm glad it's over and at the same time amazed how quickly it passed.

There were two brilliant things this year: my two holidays in London in May and in September. Meeting lovely people, seeing a play at the Globe and a concert were definitely the highlights in my 2013.

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26 12 2013 - 30 Days of posting - Day 21

Your 10 favorite foods

1) food that doesn't make me feel sick
2) food that doesn't make my belly ache
3) food that my dad cooks
4) food that my grandma used to cook
5) chocolate - yes, it IS food
6) pasta
7) pizza with ham and mushrooms
8) vegetables: carrots, brokkoli, Brussels sprouts, courgettes
9) grilled or roasted meat
10) icecream (although sometimes it doesn't belong to category of no. 2))

I don't like food that has lingering aftertaste like onions or garlic. I don't like food with certain textures like raw tomatoes (I love them cooked) or kiwi-fruit.

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17 12 2013 - 30 Days of posting - Day 20

A difficult time in your life

Because this is a journal about me being a fan, I'll answer this about a difficult time in my life as a fan.

1) A difficult time in my life as a Bowie-fan was when Bowie became so happily married that he decided to make a "Jazz-Album".
I never really got accustomed to "Black Tie White Noise", although I really love the first single "Jump They Say". Which was about his brother's suicide and not so happy, which might suit me better.

My second favourite song was "Nite Flights" and I was so disappointed finding out that it wasn't written by Bowie, but a song by The Walker Brothers.

I wasn't so happy about my life and I never really liked Jazz, so I started to listen to other music than Bowie's around that time. That said, I should listen to the album again, maybe I'd like it better now. Although I still don't like Jazz music.

By the time I had also discovered Manic Street Preachers. And another difficult time in my life as a fan was approaching. But that's a subject for a different entry.

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12 12 2013 - 30 Days of posting - Day 19

What do you collect?

Music CDs and merchandise, books. And the rest.

I'm bad at throwing things out so collecting is what I do.

I have bad experiences with throwing away things. I disposed of my collection of Coca Cola cans shortly before I learned about Ebay. I threw away old music papers and then a friend asked me if I had articles about a band they recently discovered.

I even "collect" toiletries because I'll always buy more before I've used up the old ones.

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10 12 2013 - 30 Days of posting - Day 18

The meaning behind your blog name

It took me a long time choosing my username. But I've been quite happy with it.
I didn't want a username related to a special fandom, nor did I want it to show my gender at first sight.

There are two reasons why I choose "Winterlover" which are both related to Manic Street Preachers.
Oh, really? ;-) Yes.

First there is the line in their song "The Masses Against The Classes" that goes "We love the winter, it brings us closer together" which I always loved.

Then they have a song on their album "Send Away The Tigers" from 2007 which is called "Winter Lovers".

Also I do love the winter. Even if I also love the other seasons.

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08 12 2013 - 30 Days of posting - Day 17

What is your most proud moment?

This is a good question but I cannot really answer it. I'm not thinking of moments as "proud moments". Probably the curse of a person with low self-esteem.

Of course I'm proud when I solved a problem at work. I'm proud when I see a finished project. I'm proud when I get lovely comments for my fic or artwork. But I never excel in anything so that it makes me especially proud.

Maybe this moment still lies ahead. Maybe it doesn't. I'm glad when I have happy moments, there doesn't have to be a "most proud" one.

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07 12 2013 - Christmas Pudding
I don't really like Christmas Pudding because I don't like dried or candied fruit and I'm not too keen on the texture. But I love cooking-shows. So I was curious.

LOLOL, I love how she's presenting her cooking.

"Having found the orange, I'm not really sure we'd want to find it or not..."


edit: embedding the video doesn't seem to work, so have the link here:

Video Stir up Sunday: How to make Heston's must-have Christmas pudding
05 12 2013 - 30 Days of posting - Day 16

What's at the top of your bucket list?

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04 12 2013 - 30 Days of posting - Day 14

Timeline of your day

Woke up before alarmclock.
Dozed for a bit.
Was very tired when alarmclock finally rang.

Work was uneventful. Prepared stuff for tomorrow and friday.
Tomorrow boss will be at the office, friday will be a meeting with client.

Went home earlier than the last days.

Took a stroll over our Christmas Market.
Bought dinner "to go" (Thüringer Bratwurst in der Semmel)

On the couch with laptop now, football on TV.
Will read a bit in bed later.

Sleep (prediction).

It wasn't an eventful day but quite typical.
Oh well, have a cute picture so that your visit was worth your while:

Cute Smarties photo cutesmartiesklein_zpsdf5ac654.jpg

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